GALANTE is an optical photometric survey currently being undertaken with the T-80 telescope at the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre (OAJ) in Teruel, Spain. Its main characteristics are:

The seven filters used are listed below in order of decreasing central wavelength. Four of them belong to the J-PLUS dataset and the other three are specific filters designed for this project.

Scientific objectives

The three main scientific objectives of GALANTE are:

In addition, we will also generate a sub-arcsecond map of Hα in the Northern Galactic Plane, produce a catalog of objects with Hα emission, study the SED distribution of peculiar objects such as AGB stars, and complement the Gaia information at wavelengths shorter than the Balmer jump and in crowded and nebular regions.


Data Release 1 (April 2021)

The Data Release 1 (DR1) includes 20 different fields from four regions in the sky:

The Berkeley 59 field was already included in DR0 but the data in DR1 has a new calibration. The other 19 fields are new. DR1 includes three different types of files:

Data Release 0 (July 2020)

The Data Release 0 (DR0) includes the Berkeley 59 field, centered on right ascension of 0.70° and declination of +67.15° (J2000) took place on 30 June 2020. The field was selected as a representative of a nearby (d ~ 1.1 kpc) H II region that fits within a single GALANTE field. DR0 includes information for 62 262 stars with AB magnitudes between 5 and 20. In addition, there are three GALANTE images of Berkeley 59 with the astrometric information embedded in their headers that can be used with Aladin.

Who are we?

The GALANTE team includes researchers that arre currently working on the project from different institutions: